Corporate Folder


Bleed Requirement:
For artwork with white (non-printed) background, bleed is not required
For artwork with printed background, bleed of 2mm required on each side.

If your final card size is 210mm x 297mm, the artwork size should be (210+2+2) x (297+2+2)

Acceptable File format:
(.pdf, .jpg, .ai)


Download Template (*.ai)

To be sure that your artwork is the correct size, you must download and use these Product Size Templates before you do anything else. These templates are specific application files- they include predefined guide-lines indicating where to place bleed, safety and trim lines to eliminate any set up errors. If you prepare your own template without downloading one of these, it may not meet our sizing specifications which can cause a rejection in the end.

  1. FPF001
  2. FPF002
  3. FPF003
  4. FPF004
  5. FPF005
  6. FPF006
  7. FPF007
  8. F1U
  9. F2U
  10. F3U
  11. F4U
  12. F5U


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